About us

Welcome to International Hotel Supplies (I.H.S), your premier destination for comprehensive hospitality solutions. As a full-service hospitality company, we specialize in Procurement Management, Strategic Contracting, F&B Concepts, and Pre-Opening Activation. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional services that elevate your hospitality business to new heights.

Our approach is centred around a meticulous process that encompasses creating, editing, refining, and ensuring our partners are fully engaged throughout the journey. We believe in fostering curiosity and a genuine willingness to understand the unique needs of each client. This deep understanding enables us to deliver a complete suite of ser vices that perfectly aligns with your goals. From start to finish, we are committed to matching your property with the highest quality products, while adhering to strict timelines and budgets.

At I.H.S, we excel in managing the entire spectrum of processes, including planning, purchasing, shipping, and handover. We work hand-in-hand with trusted suppliers specializing in FF&E, OS&E joinery, specialist equipment, and artwork. By collaborating closely with these suppliers, we ensure meaningful brand engagement that resonates with end users. Our ultimate goal is to drive extraordinary guest experiences, activate hospitality spaces, cultivate brand loyalty, and achieve enduring value.

We empower your hospitality business with exceptional solutions and unmatched expertise. Together, we will embark on a journey that surpasses expectations and leads to unparalleled success.

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